How to care for your boots

How do I care for my R.M.Williams boots? Yearling /Dress Boots Craftsman Styles

The leather used in these boots is chrome tanned to achieve a highly polished appearance and to resist water penetration. To maintain this appearance, use R.M.Williams polish on a regular basis or as needed. Wear your boots in dry conditions on the first few occasions. Fine leather boots can require a full day to dry out from perspiration. Leather soles have a tendency to absorb more moisture when they wear thin. Repairing your boots in good time is a practice worth observing.

Leather Care tips.

Conditioning your leather for Yearling, Kangaroo, Willow, Calf and exotic smooth finish leathers.

For Regular care of your boots made from the above leathers use R.M.Williams boot polish to maintain the colour of the leather and to remove scuffs and marks, use as required.

Using a soft cloth apply boot polish to boots and leave for a few hours to allow the polish to be absorbed into the leather, then buff off the polish with a soft cloth.

To keep a shine on your boots apply R.M.Williams Hi - Shine this will give a long lasting instant shine

Use a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt.

If your boots become wet allow to dry naturally and apply leather conditioner.

Using leather conditioner nourishes the leather fibers keeping them supple helping to prevent cracking of the leather. Leather also needs to breath so do not over use these products.

Do not use Leather conditioner on Greasy Kip or Vesta leather.

Greasy Kip/Oily Iron Boots Gardener, Yard, Vesta, Desert Kip & Latego leathers.

R.M.Williams Saddle Dressing should be applied regularly or as needed to these leathers. This helps to moisturize the leather and keep up the weatherproofing.

Are my R.M.Williams boots waterproof?

With only one seam, R.M.Williams boots have few places for water to leak in. The oiled and greasy kip uppers are the most weather-resistant boots on earth, and with proper care and maintenance, all R.M.Williams boots will provide great weatherproofing.

Suede and Nubuck Leathers.

When Purchasing a new pair of Suede R.M.Williams Boots ensure you take the following steps to prolong the longevity of the suede.

Preparing your suede Step 1.

Instantly apply R.M.Williams Suede protector. Ensure that the boots are evenly sprayed.

Allow to fully dry and repeat up to 3 times before wearing

To ensure regular care and protection apply before first wear.

Cleaning your Boots Step 2.

Clean boots regularly with R.M.Williams Suede Cleaner or Suede Cleaning Brush.

During regular wear , ensure Suede or Nubuck Boots are cleaned properly before applying R.M.Williams Suede Protector

R.M.Williams Suede Protector.

Repels water and helps protect against stains from normal wear. Under normal circumstances, Water will stain suede boots; the suede protector will help repel water and prevent stubborn stains from regular wear.Suede protector can be used on most fabrics of all colours. Very useful on Akubra and R.M.Williams felt hats

R.M.Williams Suede Cleaner.

Helps restore leather colour to a like-new condition. It will help remove stains such as dirt, food, grease, salt and cosmetics. Suede Cleaner may also be used on cuff & collar stains.