How are R. M. Williams Boots Made?

One piece of leather

R.M.Williams are handcrafted using a single piece of leather, just one seam up the back of the boot, which results in a highly weatherproof and strong boot. Eliminating side seams removes potential weak points and also reduces raised edges that can chafe and rub the foot. One piece of leather also means perfectly matched colour, grain and texture, so you end up with a better looking boot.

68 hand-held processes

From start to finish, each pair of R.M.Williams go through 68 hand-held processes and take approximately one-week to make.

Fit and Comfort

From the first moment, they should feel like you’ve known them for years. They hold your foot snugly across the instep; they’re shaped to give close support under the arch, then curved to match the shape of your heel. Each pair of R.M. Williams boots are made as a pair and go through the production process together and are made to be a perfect match.


R.M.Williams selects only the finest leathers for their dress yearling and greasy kip boots. Each yearling dress boot is lined with a soft, durable kid leather for breathability, comfort and ease of slipping on the boot. Each pair of boots is manufactured from the same piece of leather, so each pair will match grain, colour and texture. The welt sole construction allows for easy replacement once the sole has expired, which can be done using the original parts at any Australian Boot Company location.

What is the line down the center top of the leather on the boots?

This line is called a blocking line. Every pair of R. M. Williams boots will have a blocking line, although some may be more noticeable than others. The blocking line is a sign of a well made boot, it is not a fault and will fade with time.

Since the R.M. Williams boots only have one seam, the leather needs to be shaped in order to achieve a snug fit which moulds to the shape of your foot. The R.M. Williams boots have a distinct 3 step shape which is achieved by placing the flat leather on a heated metal plate for a period of time, it is this process that creates the shape and the blocking line.

Are my R.M.Williams boots waterproof?

With only one seam, R.M.Williams boots have few places for water to leak in. The oiled and greasy kip uppers are the most weather-resistant boots on earth, and with proper care and maintenance, all R.M.Williams boots will provide great weatherproofing.

How should my R.M.Williams boots fit?

A correct R.M.Williams fit will be snug across the instep and through the ball of the foot, however no pressure should be felt within the toe cap area as that part of the boot will not change with wear. The widest part of the foot will sit in line with the widest part of the boot. The back of the boot will slightly cup the heel and some heel lift may occur while walking. R.M.Williams leather will not stretch, but will ease and mold with wear to accommodate the unique shape of the foot.

See our boot fitting page for more information.