Company Background & History

RM WilliamsR.M.Williams was established almost 80 years ago by Australian legend and company founder Reginald Murray (RM) Williams, who ventured into the Australian Outback in his teens and learnt outback lore and craft skills under the guidance of an itinerant saddler called Dollar Mick. Together they created saddlery and stock line boots that would later become a signature line of the R.M.Williams enterprise.

Since then, the company has expanded locally and globally and built a world-wide reputation as Australia’s Outback Outfitter and a quality maker of handcrafted Australian boots, clothing and leather accessories for men, women and children. R.M.Williams has 50 retail stores in Australia, and two international stores in New York City and London. In addition to this, there are more than 900 stockists of R.M.Williams product in Australia and overseas. As RM himself said, "A man doesn’t work any worse for looking a whole lot better”.

R.M.Williams has always remained relevant to its core outback and rural customers but also appeals to a broader customer base who value quality, authenticity, functionality and style – regardless of where they live and work. R.M.Williams releases two seasonal ranges for men and women every year and is worn by global leaders, international movie stars, world sporting champions and media moguls. R.M.Williams also extends across the sub-brands of Colts & Fillies, Big Men and Longhorn and is a wholly Australian owned company.

R.M.Williams is committed to heritage, education and passing on the skills of outback Australia. The R.M.Williams Outback Heritage Museum at the company’s 5 Percy St Prospect retail store in Adelaide is the site of the first R.M.Williams work shop. The company also has a unique retail store at The Stables at Sydney Showground which houses the R.M.Williams horse team and provides a unique and authentic shopping experience for its loyal customers through the Longhorn Express, a custom designed semi-trailer that visits iconic bush events across Australia. In 2011, the Longhorn Express celebrated 10 years on Australian roads. Since 2006, the company has hosted the annual R.M.Williams Longreach Muster in Longreach QLD – the event sees Australia’s best stockmen compete in a range of events and raises money for charity.

R.M.Williams is also known for telling the stories of outback Australia through its magazines R.M.Williams OUTBACK Magazine and specialist publications such as Australia in Style, The Utes Annual, OUTBACK Stations and OUTBACK Tracks.

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