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Boot fittings

How should my R.M.Williams boots fit?

A correct R.M.Williams fit will be snug across the instep and through the ball of the foot, however no pressure should be felt within the toe cap area as that part of the boot will not change with wear. The widest part of the foot will sit in line with the widest part of the boot. The back of the boot will slightly cup the heel and some heel lift may occur while walking. R.M.Williams leather will not stretch, but will ease and mold with wear to accommodate the unique shape of the foot.


See links below for size charts: (They will open in a new window)

International Size Chart
Men's Fitting Chart
Women's Fitting Chart

International Size Chart

Widths*  (This is the letter, which represents the width and fit of the boot)
C = XXX Narrow D = XX Narrow E = Extra Narrow F = Narrow
G = Regular H = Wide X = Extra Wide  
* We stock the standard widths for the style of boot, if a different width is needed it can be made to order, depending on the style of boot and widths available in that particular style.

The Australian / UK sizes are based on a men's size system.
The most popular width for men's boots is a G.

Finding the right size and fit for Women:

Since the boot sizes follow a men's size system for the unisex boots, which include these style; the Craftsman, Comfort Craftsman, Dynamic Flex Craftsman, the rest of Craftsman Range, the Yearling, Turnout and Comfort Turnout. To get to a woman's fit you would subtract 3 from your standard women's shoe size to get the unisex boot size. 

For Example: a standard women's size 8, would subtract 3 form the standard women's size 8 and therefore fit a 5G boot in the styles mentioned above.

R.M. Williams also have a womens fit range which conforms to standard women's sizes. This includes the Adelaide boots, which are a D fit. A standards women's size 8 (Euro 38) would fit an Adelaide in a 8D.


11 things you need to know about getting the right fit.

  1. The boot should be a snug fit, as the leather will give over time. It should not be too tight, or be uncomfortable
  2. There shouldn't be to much movement of your foot inside the boot.
  3. Ideally you will have approximately a thumb's width between your toes and the end of the boot
  4. The boots should feel comfortable, it is often a good idea to try on different sizes to compare and get the best fit as several of the boots come in different widths as well as half sizes.
  5. RM Williams boots are available in half sizes and various widths with G and H being the most common eg 10G 10H or 10+G 10+H etc
  6. Measuring boards are only a guide and as rule of thumb actual boot size could be 11/2 – 2 sizes larger
  7. Each full size goes up 8mm in length and 6.5mm in volume
  8. Boots should never need to stretch to be a good fit
  9. USA fittings are 11/2 sizes larger than RM Williams standard fits
  10. Womans fits are 3 time larger than RM Williams standard fits woman’s 8 = RM Williams 5
  11. Repeat buyers your size is stamped inside your old boots. A boot stamped with  81/2 G WF Indicates that  81/2 = size,  G = Width fit,  W = Wide toe, F = Flat heel.  You can email us the size stamped in the bottom if you are unsure.